A Visitor

A nice kind of sadness had settled over Also’s day. The sadness was a longing for a very vivid dream he had left behind the night before.

"An untidy house says a lot about a someone, and as it stands this house is saying some mighty bad things about me" Also said trying to motivate himself to break free from his distracted state.

Dal was coming for tea.

"I’ve heard that even the best of friends can be lost over grimy living quarters" Also reminded himself, as he half-heartedly put his belongings into all the wrong places. Also was so distracted in fact that he forgot to finish sweeping up the piles of dust that he’d tried very hard to remove from the corners of his hardwood floors.

As he put the kettle onto his wood fire stove, there was a knock at the door. “I’m coming Dal!”

Also answered the door, but it was not Dal. It was a tangled creature who looked like ball of yarn that had got into an argument with itself.

"Oh, hello there." Also said to the small black creature. "What can I do for you?"

The small creature did not say a word.

"Um, sir haven’t you ever heard that it is quite rude to ignore a question?" Also said as the creature let itself into his home.

"And it is especially rude to ignore a question if you are a guest…" Also explained.

"Especially specially rude if you weren’t even invited." Also whispered under his breath.

The small black tangly creature was looking all over Also’s house. Turning over stacks of paper in Also’s den, throwing out pots and pans from the kitchen cupboard, and completely undoing the halfhearted tidying that took so much energy to be motivated to complete in the first place.

He’d even managed to find the secret little pulley elevator that lead to the attic in the hallway.

"Excuse me sir! Um, I believe we will have to do whatever this is you’re doing another time. You see I have a good friend coming over and the house is still dreadfully dusty.” Also shouted to the creature as it went up the elevator to the attic.

“You know you can lose a friend over such things!!”

There was another knock on the door.